System Identity

The SKYLINE SL2700 is one of the greatest lift-and-slide systems in the world, an awe-inspiring feat for contemporary architecture! Attractive and effective slim-frame-lines, excellent thermal insulation values and high-quality components create an exceptionally uplifting atmosphere.

The architectural aesthetics are depicted on the narrow interlocking face width which allows greater visibility and flow of light, while the flush-fitted threshold offers high comfort and ease of access. For the most architecturally challenging projects, the system offers all-glass corners as well as 90° open corners requiring no structural post. Applying the most accurate performance testing for air, water, wind, sound insulation, structural and forced entry, this next generation system is capable to meet the most extreme performance requirements, making it suitable for virtually any location in the world.

System Characteristics
  • Ultimate high-end look grants freedom
  • Wide span structures are perfectly fullfiled
  • Exceptional performance for virtually all environments
  • All-glass corners as well as 90° open corners are possible
  • A complete range of tracks
  • Impressively smooth sliding and easy to handle
  • Minimal design for modern architecture
  • Impressive transparency and maximum light penetration
  • More flexibility in locking
  • The Hotel Solution meet the higher standards of hoteliers
Key Points
System Ability
System Configurations
System Technicalities

Technical Data

Exterior Shapes

Flat / Contemporary look with narrow interlock & reduced sightlines

Window / door Types


Track Width

174 mm

Minimum Track Height

25 mm

Visible Aluminum Face Width (Interlock)

43 mm

Maximum Sash Width

3000 mm

Maximum Sash Height

3000 mm

Maximum Sash Weight

up to 400 Kg

Sealing Method

Perimetrical with EPDM gaskets & multi-layer brushes


L&S mechanism & rollers with standard or hook version, locking points

Glass Type

Double / Triple

Glass Thicknesses

from 24 mm to 52 mm

Type Of Thermal Insulation

Polyamides of 30 mm, Insulation Foam

System Performances


Uf values from 1.7 W ⁄ (m²K)

Air Permeability

Class 4

Water Tightness

Class 9A

Wind Load Resistance

Class B4


42 dB