System Identity

The W85ST is a SKYLINE highly insulated hinged system, which imitates the style of traditional steel windows, adding the value of superior thermal efficiency and turning the window of a house or a terrace (patio) into a New York loft. The system offers attractive slimline face widths with a high level of functionality, security, comfort, and more retro look. In combination with its excellent thermal properties, W85ST is specially designed for refurbishing old steel windows or fitting new-build houses with elegant, retro look, windows.

Distinguished by its wide -picture frame- openings and the retro elements, the system creates an environmentally friendly living in an urban context. At the same time, it offers the ideal perspective for demanding architectural challenges.

System Characteristics
  • Elegant retro-look design
  • Perfectly match the latest trend in industrial architecture
  • Maximal user comfort due to increased thermal properties
  • Impressive water and air tightness
  • Concealed fittings are possible
  • Suitable for both double and triple glazing
  • Easy access low threshold meets international requirements
  • Ideally suited for refurbishing old steel windows
Key Points
System Ability
System Configurations
System Technicalities

Technical Data

Exterior Aesthetics

Flat / Slender Retro look

Window Types


Frame Depth

87.5 mm

Sash Depth

87.5 mm

Minimum Visible Aluminum Face Height (Frame-Sash)

75 mm

Minimum Visible Aluminum Face Width (Adjoining)

116.5 mm

Minimum Threshold Height

14.7 mm

Maximum Sash Width

1,200 mm

Maximum Sash Height

2,400 mm

Maximum Sash Weight

150 kg

Sealing Method

Perimetrical, 3-level with EPDM gaskets


Visible / Concealed hinges 180°

Glass Type


Glass Thickness

From 23.5 mm up to 54 mm

Type Of Thermal Insulation

Polyamides 30 mm, Insulation Foam

System Performances


Uf values from 1.4 W ⁄ (m²K)

Air Permeability

Class 4

Water Tightness

Class 9A

Wind Load Resistance

Class C2/B2


43 dB