System Identity

Simplicity at its best, SKYLINE CW35 is the new generation of Aluminco’s curtain wall system, which offers maximum transparency due to minimal face widths of just 35 mm wide. The ultra-thin lines of the system allow your living spaces to be filled with panoramic views and natural light.

To meet the highest design standards, the system delivers a range of aesthetical solutions in two body types. The most slimline of appearance in standard and structural type, which ideally combines the strong elements of the system and a more industrial or retro style version, following the current trends in architecture. The optimum has been achieved and the maximum reached. Yet, if you look at every detail of the SKYLINE CW35, you may discover unreached performance possibilities.

System Characteristics
  • Slim facade design allows for maximum light penetration
  • Transparent facade offers breathtaking views
  • Two body types in contemporary and industrial -look- design
  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Combines perfectly with the SKYLINE W85HS for large facade frames
  • Ideally suited for luxury residential and commercial environments
Key Points
System Ability
System Configurations
System Technicalities

Technical Data

Exterior Aesthetics

Standard / Structural / Retro / Industrial

Exterior Visible Aluminum Face

35 mm

Column Depth

Up to 185 mm

Transom Depth

Up to 192.5 mm

Glass Thicknesses

From 6 to 48 mm

Glazing Fixed Method

Pressure plate / Structural

Windows Hardware

Visible / Concealed

Type Of Thermal Insulation

Polyamides, Insulation Foam

System Performances


Uf values from 2.0 W ⁄ (m²K)

Air Permeability

Class AE 1200

Water Tightness

Class RE 1200

Wind Load Resistance

Design Load ± 1.4KN/m² Safety Load ± 2.1KN/m²


45 dB

CW35 Style Setter